Thursday, 28 January 2016 10:55

Four Seasons


During this season, flowers blossom, the weather is moderate, trees are greener than ever and rivers are full of water.
Spring is the best time to visit the western part of Iran like Tabriz, Ardebil, Qazvin and Hamedan. Don’t miss out on watching beautiful spring flowers and tasting all kinds of wild berries there.
There are lots of fruits you can enjoy eating during the spring time, including different kinds of apple (red, green and sour), plum, green plum, cherry, sour cherry, cantaloupe and etc.


During the summer, the central and southern parts of Iran are very hot. Therefore, northwestern provinces are the best choices for visiting. Ardebil, Tabriz and the countryside areas of Talesh have a cool weather in summer.
From among the summer fruits one can mention nectarine, apricot, different kinds of grapes, pear, fig, mulberry, date, cornel and sour lemon.



Following the spring season, the best season for visiting Iran is autumn as the weather gets moderate and there is less traffic. Ski lovers can enjoy playing in Tochal and Dizin ski resorts at the end of autumn. As central cities like Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd have hot and dry weather, the ideal time for visiting these places is during autumn.
Tangerine, orange, lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit, pomegranate and hawthorn are among the fruits you can find in autumn.


Persian Gulf islands and cities like Bandar Abbas, Kish, Qeshm and Hormuz in southern part of Iran are the best and most ideal destinations to visit in winter. It is quite unbelievable and pleasant for most tourists to experience staying in a place with a moderate and mild weather ranging between 18 (°C) to 25 (°C) in winter.
Most of the autumn fruits are also available in winter.