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This ceremony is the beginning of Iranian New Year.
It has more than 3000 years of traditions and customs. Before Norouz, people clean their houses completely which is called “Khaneh Tekouni”. They set a table called Haft-sin with 7 items that their names start with S. Almost all Iranian people eat fish and rice with herbs for Norouz dinner. People visit their family members, relatives, friends and neighbors during Norouz.
The last day of Norouz or the 13th day is “13-bedar”. People go out for picnic and they hardly ever stay at home.

Rose Water Festival

Every year, the festival of rose water is being held in Kashan and Niasar from the middle of May to the middle of June.
If you pass from Kashan and Niasar during May and June, you will be intoxicated by the sweet smell of roses. First, the roses will be collected, then they will be boiled in big pots and after that the distillated rose water will be collected in special containers.