Iran Map BookThe main factor in determining the time of travel to Iran is temperature; especially in a country that temperature vary wildly .e.g. when you can enjoy a pleasant weather in Kish or Qeshm Island, the temperature in a city like Ardebil or Tabriz can be -7 C to -10 C. But generally spring (April –June) and Autumn (September-December) are best times for travel to Iran because the weather is pretty nice.


Iran Visa Tips - Visa to Iran TipsIran visa Information:

Foreign nationals of most countries must have an approval number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to legally enter Iran. For getting this number, you need to start a process that based on your nationality needs different times:

\"IranIranians observe cleanliness in public and private because of their belief. Many campaigns have organized for vaccinations and trainings especially in rural places to prevent diseases and accurate cure. There is no especial current disease in Iran that may be dangerous to you.

One of the most popular questions that travelers who have never been in Iran have is about the safety of this country as a western traveler, solo traveler and especially as a woman or American. In reply to these questions, to best understand a country, their societies and their people, one must first attempt to acquire an understanding of their culture and we must say that the Iranian people have had an increasingly distinct culture from when they worshiped various deities till now.

Iran\"Hopefully most of the tourist or better to say all of the travelers enjoy eating Iranian foods. There are a variety of restaurants with nice designs and atmosphere to experience energetic and crowded fast foods opposite calm and relaxed traditional atmosphere with a classic Iranian music. The taste variety is also considered in Iranian foods. The Iranian restaurants foods are mostly cooked with meat like chicken, veal, fish and lamb.