Mamaghan Needlework


Mamaghan Doozi6Needlework is a contemporary art of the past two centuries. Using a needle and colorful silk thread, bastings and stitches are shaped upon the fabric, creating beautiful designs and pleasant colors.

Such portraits are a means for the needlework master to communicate with others and express his or her inner desires.

The artist's interpretation of nature is simple and smooth; something he or she reflects in needlework. Mamaghan needlework is different from other traditional needlework in Iran, when one considers its composition and subject matter.

The drawings in such needlework enjoy beautifull designs specific to the life-style and believes of the concerned artist. Therefore the designs and portraits in the needlework are a key to the recognition on the metaphors existing in arts and literature.

Floral Aigrette, Daraj, Ai-Chakmakh, Goobak and Ghush Ayaghi are of the most commonly used needlework designs which usually come together in a combined design.